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Machine Translation Post-editing (MTPE) is the key to refining and perfecting your machine-translated documents. MyBrian offers expert post-editing services to ensure accurate and professional translations. If you have documents that have already been machine-translated and need a meticulous review, our MTPE service is your solution.

What is post-editing?

MyBrian’s Machine Translation Post-editing (MTPE) is the process of reviewing and enhancing machine-generated translations to ensure accuracy, fluency, and context-specific relevance. Our experienced post-editors work to make these translations read as though they were human-generated.

Trust our experts

When you’re uncertain about the quality of a machine translation or fear that some expressions may not be idiomatic, our expert post-editors conduct a thorough review of your already translated files.

Our post-editors are native speakers who work exclusively in their native language, providing a level of expertise that ensures high-quality post-edits.

Flexibility at your fingertips

With MyBrian, you’re in control! Choose the price and delivery time for your post-editing.

Whether you need a quick review or have more time for a comprehensive edit, we have options to fit your needs. The maximum delivery time for your post-edit will always be communicated to you.

Specialized Post-Editing

MyBrian’s post-editing service covers a wide range of document specialties, ensuring that the review is tailored to your specific needs. You can specify the specialization of your document during the order process:

Seamless Collaboration

MyBrian’s MTPE service allows you to exchange intermediate documents and send additional files to your post-edit order, making it easier to contextualize the review.

Chat directly with your post-editor, and stay informed in real-time about the progress of your order.

On-Time Delivery

Machine Translation Post-editing not only ensures accuracy but also saves time in the translation process. Some subjects require quick turnaround times.

MyBrian’s technology ensures immediate order handling, and you can fine-tune your order via chat with the post-editor directly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Customer service at your disposal

For more information on the registering of your company account,

our support team is available from Monday to Friday (9am-6pm)