My professional translator
when I need one

Set your conditions, order a translation and
be on time.

My professional translation services
when I need it

Set your conditions, order a translation and be on time.
MyBrian is a platform offering professional translation online services.

How does it work?

Pick your deadline

Set your delivery time. The price is calculated automatically depending on the urgency of your request

Direct contact between the customer and the translator

Chat directly with the translator from your mobile or computer.

Ease of use

Order in 3 clicks. Secure online payment or monthly invoicing from a company account.

How does MyBrian simplify professional translation?

Who uses MyBrian?

What our Brians say


“I love MyBrian because the app encourages us Brians to stop hiding behind our computers and talk to the customers.”


“MyBrian is professional and reliable, easy to use, varied and flexible. What more could a freelance translator ask for?”

Our translators - Marc

“MyBrian is a unique site in the world of translation. I like to respond to requests via an attractive and easy-to-use interface as well as the possibility of a human exchange with the client.”

Emma Roles - MyBrian Translator

“Working with MyBrian is a real pleasure. Projects offered are interesting, well-matched to my areas of expertise, with realistic deadlines and good remuneration.”

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