Devenir Brian

What is MyBrian?

MyBrian is a professional translation startup, offering clients rapid translation from French to English via our website and mobile apps. We use a community of professional translators, whom we refer to us our Brians. MyBrian is particularly focused on relatively short documents with relatively urgent deadlines.


What makes MyBrian’s service unique?

MyBrian’s clients may choose the deadline they require, within the limits of feasibility, and are quoted in real time based on their choice. Very short texts can be undertaken in as little as 1 hour, enabling a reactivity of communication hitherto very difficult. The ordering process is quick, simple, intuitive and can be done from anywhere, anytime with our mobile app. We also offer clients and translators the ability to interact directly via the application, without intermediaries. In short, we offer fast, reliable and easy translation.

Why translate for MyBrian?

MyBrian offers a supplementary stream of work for translators, often at premium rates based on a level of urgency. We allow you to chat directly with the client if you need to clarify anything, and we tally up your bill automatically and pay it each month. MyBrian pays a range of different rates depending on the urgency of the project. While some jobs are more lucrative than others, the average rate of pay is quite competitive, and we take good care of our community of translators. All texts are general-audience, and so are typically straightforward.

Who is MyBrian, what’s the vision?

We built MyBrian to be the best way to get something translated promptly. We believe that translation should be simple and hassle-free to order, competitively priced, and of uncompromising quality. MyBrian uses some clever technology to match clients and translators, but we believe in human translation, real customer service, integrity and respect for the people who use our system. The satisfaction of both our customers and translators entirely underpins our success.

Who is behind MyBrian?

MyBrian was founded by Geraldine Godurowski and Erin Salmon. Geraldine is French, with a background in purchasing, marketing and business development roles in European multinationals. Erin is a New Zealander with a background in business creation in the internet and technology sector. We are both based in Lyon, France.

What’s with the name?

Brian is a personality from a ubiquitous English language textbook used in French schools since the 1970s, best known by the now-infamous question “Where is Brian?”, and the response intoned by millions of young students across France: “Brian is in the kitchen”. This exchange was further popularised in one sketch by the French comedian Gad Elmaleh. Brian having thus become shorthand for an English speaker, we refer to our translators as Brians, and use the tagline “Brian is in the app”.

How does it work?

Our system will periodically offer you work, which you can quickly review on our website or mobile application. You are free to accept or reject work as you prefer. If you are too busy to consider new projects, you can temporarily disable offers with a simple toggle.

After accepting a project, you can chat with the client if anything is not clear, and when you are ready, return the text to the client by either pasting it into the app, if plain text has been supplied, or by uploading a document, if that was the original format supplied by the client.

Jobs you have completed are automatically added to a draft invoice, which you can approve after the end of each month. We pay within 15 days.

How can I join?

MyBrian has high standards for quality. Among other things, we require that you are a native English speaker with a minimum of 2 years full-time professional translation experience. Due to our focus on rapid response, MyBrian is best suited to translators who enjoy working with tight deadlines. As MyBrian’s translators interact directly with clients, you are also our brand ambassadors, so excellent French and a friendly and professional manner are important. If you’d like to join our growing community and help us make translation faster and easier for everyone, we’d love you to get in touch!